Playerzspot and fantasy cricket are two sides of the same coin. From a group of 22 players, you need to craft a team of 11 players. Based on the 11 players chosen, a user avails points on the runs, catches or wickets they obtain. Based on the comparison of the other players in the match. It provides an opportunity to soak into the real world of cricket without being involved physically. Even the user has a chance of being part of a wide format range where they can choose a convenient and comfortable set up for themselves. It is done from any viable device. There are two options for a beginner to be part of such games, free or the paid ones.

To be part of fantasy cricket, there is a need to formulate a team. The team composition is from wicket-keepers, batsman, all – rounders’ and bowlers. A couple of players are important during the team formation, which is the captain and the vice-captain. The reason being they get two xs and 1.5 X points in comparison to other players. The ball does not stop with the choice of a team. Numerous changes present you a chance to come forth and be part of online fantasy cricket.

  • Fantasy cricket ensures that you play and enjoy the game as you want. You have the control of choosing 11 players in a game and have total authority over their performance and results.
  • Fantasy cricket is never going to allow the feeling of disappointment to creep through. It is going to provide you with a sense of belongingness. It is a fascinating concept.
  • There is no better opportunity to earn something extra in the form of cash or additional perks. A feeling of trump emerges after the successful completion of the game. To become professional in this domain, check out the tips to make it big.

The reasons to indulge in fantasy cricket

There is hardly anyone who is going to dispute the place cricket holds in India. No longer is it a sport, but for the sports lover, it is a religion. The maximum counts of people who indulge in fantasy cricket are from India. There are numerous formats on the site, and you can choose a format as per your choice.

The question of cricket springs up, and every second person goes moreover-board. The love for the game is endless. It is an apt opportunity to be using the cricket knowledge that you possess. With a wide range of strategic moves, you can develop a team of your choice. It is not the finish line as there are numerous other opportunities awaiting you after being successful.

Being part of the game is not a difficult task. With an email address or your phone number, you can register on the platform. If you are exploring a simplified approach, then through Google or a social media account, you can join the site. For IPL fantasy cricket, fair play awards hold a lot of significance.

Just ensure that you choose a fantasy league of your choice. The moment you have an idea about the fundamentals, you will be in control. You will be able to outweigh your competitors and earn points in the process. The basic knowledge that you possess about cricket would make sure that you will turn out to be a winner.

Fantasy cricket entitles you to a wide range of prizes. With a referral bonus, you can allow your near or dear ones to be part of the game.

The process to indulge in fantasy cricket.

There are a series of simple steps that you need to follow and win cash prizes.

  • First, you need to log in or register on the official site.
  • Then select a match and click on the option of joining.
  • With a budget of 1000 virtual gems, you have to develop a team. Once again, do proper research before choosing a captain and vice-captain as they fetch you more points than the others.
  • The final ranks and obtains emerge after the completion of the game.

The best part of fantasy cricket is that it is legal. It emerges it is a legalized and secure way to indulge in the domain of fantasy cricket. The option is for you to take part in the paid or free version. After the game, the winning amount is directly transferred to your account. Since it is a skill-based game, it does not fall under gambling, and in a country like India, it is fully legalized.

The benefits of indulging in fantasy cricket

  • Refer someone and earn money- for every referral, you present yourself with an opportunity to earn cash
  • The option of instant delivery is there as there are numerous instant withdrawal schemes
  • There is an option of daily winnings and earn cash in the process

Fantasy games are not restricted to cricket.

It is not that fantasy game is something that is restricted to cricket. You can be part of numerous other fantasy games like football, hockey, basketball, to name a few. On the IOS and Android apps, they have launched their app in the year 2017. With considerable experience in this domain, they make sure it is one of the innovative and creative apps out in the market

But the fact that you need to acknowledge is a fantasy cricket, and a site like Playerzpot go hand in hand. Cricket is one of the games that attracts followers from all over the world. To experience the real game of cricket, a suggestion is to download the app on your smartphone. The delight and thrill that you avail when you play this game is something hard to compare. Though there are numerous formats and modules and you can choose one as per your interests and convenience.

If you have doubts whether you can make it, then try with practice games. They are going to test your skills and gives you head on confidence before you indulge in the real world of fantasy games.