Ayden Hector – Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises for America Football Players

Most people throughout North America enjoy watching a football match on their television sets. They assume the players participating in the game need to have a tremendous amount of strength.  This force allows them to tackle their opponents down and grab possession of the football. Then, they move towards their opponent’s side of the field and place it on the touchdown position. Only then do they score a point. The spectators often forget that players have to do a lot of running around to achieve this feat. This is why the players need to focus on enhancing their stamina and endurance.

Ayden Hector – Why do footballers need to do cardiovascular exercises

Ayden Hector is a student of Eastside Catholic School in Sammamish, Washington. He is passionate about American football and loves to play the sport. He plays as a cornerback in the school team. He aspires to become a professional footballer and play in the National Football league (NFL).

He explains football players need the stamina to keep running at a specific pace without getting tired. Only then can they move around the field easily to outperform their opponents in a match. They have to perform different kinds of cardiovascular exercises to boost their endurance. The benefits of performing these workouts are listed below-


  • Enhances their oxygen intake during every inhalation and exhalation,
  • Boosts their stamina to work harder on the field without resting,
  • Maintains their proper body weight so that they remain agile on the field, and
  • Strengthens their immune system so that they do not easily fall sick.

The three key cardiovascular exercises coaches insist players should perform during their practice sessions are:

  • Stair/Steep Hill Running

This cardiovascular exercise involves running up and down the stairway of the stadium a number of times. Players can even perform it on a steep hill if they do not get access to a stairway. This workout accelerates the players’ heart rate and boosts the amount of oxygen they breathe in. It even activates all the important muscle groups in their body.

  • Jump Rope

This high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT) involves jumping up and down with a skipping rope for over 30 seconds. Then the players have to rest for 10 seconds before starting all over again. It strengthens their gastrocnemius, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, abdominal, supinator, and deltoid muscles. This exercise even boosts their agility, hand-to-eye coordination, and balance.

  • Ladder sprints

In this high-intensity interval training exercise, the players have to sprint specific 10-yard distances and back. They start from the baseline and run to the first marker, then return to the initial position. After this, they run to the second marker and again return to the baseline. They continue in this manner till they reach the last marker within a specific time limit. This workout helps in the building of their stamina over time.

Ayden Hector sums up by saying that performing cardiovascular exercises helps American football players build their endurance and stamina and improve their agility. The number of repetitions and sets their coaches specify during the workouts depends on their individual abilities. With time, they are able to run long distances quickly without suffering from fatigue to improve their performance.

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